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Are you looking for something a little out of the ordinary. There's nothing that spells getaway like plunging into an exotic vacation experience, climbing into a bed made by someone else or being served fabulous caviar on ice. Let's be clear, though - we're talking literally plunging, actually climbing and really, truly on ice.

If what you need is not just a break from routine, but from routine vacations or cheap hotels, how about a cozy undersea suite? Or a room with a view...from a lighthouse, treehouse, or fire tower? Would you like a yurt or a yacht, a vast castle or a snug little haunt? Are you looking for a weird, unusual, bizzare hotel or inn?

The site itself is an escape. Even if staying in an ice hotel isn't something you would actually do, it's fun to look at the surreal photo of the Snow Castle in Finland or read about the amazing art carved from the walls at the Ice Hotel in Quebec. And when stress at work really piles up, with a simple click you can gaze at an unbelievably snug "den" in a cave at Kokapellil's Cave Bed and Breakfast in New Mexico or fathom a fully appointed underwater suite at Jules' Undersea Lodge (no extra charge for a water view, complete with fish).
Did you even know that you can experience your castle fantasy without going abroad? That you can feel like King Arthur...in Iowa? Time travel back to 12th Century Norman in...Ohio? Cross moats, scale towers and gaze upon gargoyles in...Texas?

Most vacationers have no idea they can stay in fire lookout, but Odd Inns lists more than a dozen of them around the U.S., plus provides links to dozens or treehouse accommodations around the world, including ultra-romantic Secrets on the Lake in Australia, where sunken spa tubs and double showers come standard amid the branches. And the appeal of lighthouses for seekers of the uncommon is obvious -- dozens of them are listed. But, if your kids want to go to Disney and stay at the Embassy Suites Orlando, this site is not for you.

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